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5 Tips to Grow as a Visual Artist

Visual Artist

Painting on canvases to impress the audience may or may not be your forte, but when you are out there to muse on the art in galleries, you see colors that translate something through every stroke. Becoming a visual artist is not as easy interpreting a concept out of the painting on the wall. When someone ventures at creating magic with paints, the world will seem like it is flowing into their canvas so much so that the ideas get muddled. Not many people can easily stumble upon the right concept to be made into a visual marvel. Landing into a commercial art gallery doesn’t happen in a matter of a few days after your first year of efforts. You will need to invest many years of your life into creating magic out of your brush. To grow as a visual artist, you must be committed and determined to follow these tips.

1.      Creation is Key

One of the biggest fears of every artist is the crisis where they lack confidence in their work. The creative journey wouldn’t be easy for anyone; so, you must invest time and energy into your work when you are available for it. Mastering at the art is a process and not a stage. You will need to find your way through it, which is why every artist needs to create all they want without worrying about the quality. Everything can be perfected over time.


2.      Learning Basics

This is crucial in creating concepts that resonate with the viewers. Every artist needs to learn the basics of the subject before attempting any piece. It is when you know the rules of the art that you can subvert them to create new principles with your paintings. Long-term artistic success comes with learning more about other works.

3.      Observation Skills

Improving the coordination of your eyes and hands is possible only when you constantly sketch what you see. By keeping such a journal, you can note down all that you find interesting through the course of your life. Many artists, apart from making a sketch, also make notes with details such as the colors to be used and the depth of the strokes. This will help you when the last piece is being made. Taking a photograph of such a view can also aid you in the creation process.


4.      Visit Art Museums

As an artist, you must make sure to visit art museums quite often since the experience could offer ideas and inspirations. The masters of the art may have created magic on canvases, which could also help you to step up with your art. Learning the use of color and technique becomes easier when you have other works to look at.

5.      One Medium at a Time

You must stick to a medium for as long as you are a beginner so that you don’t create a concoction of ideas. When you have mastered at one medium, step into the next one, and keep doing the same when you achieve a new feat.